Electromechanical instruments

ELECTRIC GUITAR by María Gallardo Urbón – 1ºB


The electric guitar is an electrophone instrument, and it belongs to the electromechanical group.

The electromechanical instruments are those played by a mechanical vibration transformed into an electronic vibration. It is a polyphonic instrument because it can play several sounds at the same time. Also, it is a tuned instrument so it can play sounds that are in the musical scale.

Electric guitars have six strings that look like the Spanish guitars, but they have not got a sound box. As a result of this, they have a weak sound, and in order to listening with clarity you have to connect the guitar to an amplifier.

Electronic instruments

SYNTHESIZER by Lydia Gómez González – 1ºB


The synthesizer is a member of the electronic instrument family and is designed to imitate sounds of other instruments (the piano, violin, flute…).

It is a polyphonic instrument because it can produce more than two sounds at the same time, and it is a tuned instrument because its sounds are in the musical scale.

The synthesizer consists of a keyboard, an amplifier and different electronic devices. Its sounds are produced electronically. 

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